Fall quarter wrap-up

At the start of this quarter, I felt very computer illiterate. I was not familiar with any digital marketing companies, digital marketing trends, and I had no knowledge of skills such as advances HTML coding, wordpress, google analytics, or hootsuite.

10 weeks later, I now feel much more comfortable now with not only digital marketing techniques, but also the internet in general. In September I could not tell you what SEO, A/B testing, content marketing, paid media, SQL, co-creation, or growth hacking was. After this class, I can not only explain what those things are but also I feel that I could use them in a future job to grow the business.

A student is frustrated and exhausted after cramming in study time for finals.

Digital marketing was a challenging class for me. I was terrified to take it but I knew that taking a course in something I was terrible at had the potential to teach me more than I would expect out of other classes. At first, I felt overwhelmed and confused in class and blog posts would take me 3-4 hours each (that was me on the right). By about halfway through the course I felt comfortable enough to start giving more input in discussions and by the end blogs were easy and interesting to write! Digital marketing challenged me, it forced me out of my comfort zone completely.

I feel that the knowledge I have learned in this class will be extremely useful in future endeavors. Many classes in college have a pretty big gap between what you learn in class and how you would apply it in a real situation. The structure and subject matter of this class ensured that this gap was much smaller. Offering certifications like hootsuite and Google analytics and teaching using code academy gave me concrete skills that I can put on a resume and use in the future without the additional learning curve.

I think what I am most proud of myself from this class is my blogging activity. I ended up blogging 6830 words! Just for kicks I went and read my first blog post on SEO and man, it sucked. It was decent copy, but it had no pictures, links, infographics, or anything remotely interesting! Comparing that to my more recent blogs, the content has gotten so much more aesthetically pleasing, interesting, well written, and overall just better quality.

My blog trafficeven went from a wimpy 5 views in September to 21 views just in the first 4 days of December! In the weekly view of my blog traffic, the pattern is a little more sporadic but still slowly increases over time. I figured out that posting to my Facebook got spikes in the traffic for that week. After posting it to a specific group on Facebook composed of other business students, I got a huge spike (60 views that day!). This really showed me that marketing to people who have an interest in the subject is the best way to generate good quality viewers! In addition to posting to my own social media, I actually had over 20 followers and a couple of them even reblogged a couple posts and linked to some of my posts in one of theirs on a related subject!

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.35.13 PM

I am very thankful I took this class despite my initial fear. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I look forward to putting my new found knowledge to good use in the near future. Here’s to a great quarter, Thank you Professor Staton!